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Scottish Roots 



"Know from where you come.  Before you know who you are and where you are going,

 you must know from where you come." [Hebrew Saying]


  McDade is the 4,489th popular last name (surname) in the United States

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  Surname List   38,441 Individuals 12/26/2008
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Who are you looking for?  09/02/2004
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  Native American McDades  
  The First McDades in the United States  
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  McDade Obituary Project    (Please contribute)  
  McDade Tombstone Project - United States  (Please contribute)

  McDade Tombstone Project - International  (Please contribute) 01/03/2009

  McDade Family Bibles    12/28/2008

  McDade/McDaid in Northern Ireland  01/03/2009
  McDade in Government 
  McDade in History   08/15/2004
  McDade in Military  09/04/2004
  McDade in the News 09/01/2004
  McDade in Science
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