By Lindsay O. Duvall.; Easley, S.C. : Southern Historical Press, c1978-1979; Library of Congress Call No. F225 D88 1978

Northumberland County Court Orders. 1678-1713

Pg. 1-Court Orders 21 Aug. 1678

Last Will of Hannah Bridgeman proved by the oaths of Mr. John Haynie and James Nepper.

George Hamilton who married Elizabeth the servant of Hannah Bridgeman entered a caviate vs her.

Pg. 35-pp 650-Court Orders 21 March 1693/4

Petition of James Nipper, Probate of the Will of John Crawford, decd, proved by the oaths of John Bridgeman, Arthur Marsh & Charles Moorhead.

Pg. 71-pp 313-Court 22 Sept. 1704

Petition of John Bridgeman & Christian his wife one of the daughters of Joseph Long decd & the Sheriff to cite Alex Mulraine Exer. of the said deed to answer said petition.

Pg. 74-pp 340- Court 9 June 1705

Thomas Bridgeman acknowledged a Deed of Gift to his granddaughter a cow.

Pg. 90-pp 294-Court Orders 22 June 1704

John Bridgeman & Christian his wife daughter & Legatee of Joseph Long vs. Alexander Mulraine Exer. of Josias Long.

Pg. 78-pp 397 Cont’d-Court 19 Sept. 1706

John Conway and Susannah his wife acknowledged Deed of Sale to Arthur Bridgeman

Pg. 79-pp 450-Court 22 May 1707

John Bridgeman moving this court for a Probate of the Last Will of John Gaines decd & he not producing security & Mary Gaines Widow & relict of the said decd renouncing Adm., Est. to be divided into 3 parts & Mary to get her thirds.

Pg. 82-pp 516-Court 19 May 1708

Marjery Palmer acknowledged Deed of Gift to Grace Bridgeman daughter of Arthur Bridgeman

Pg. 84-pp 553-Court 19 Nov. 1708

Probate of the Last Will of John Sutherland decd. to Alice Sutherland Exx., proved by Thomas Hughlett & Thomas Bridgeman.

Pg. 94-pp 722-Court 17 May 1711

Christopher Conway petition the court as Greatest Creditor on the Estate of Arthur Bridgeman decd & the Sheriff to summons Mary Bridgeman widow and relict to the next court.

Pg. 95-pp 748-Court 15 Aug. 1711

Petition of John Cralle, Com. of Adm. on the Estate of Arthur Bridgeman.

Pg. 97-pp 772-Court 19 March 1711/12

Mary Bridgeman a poor orphan daughter of Arthur Bridgeman aged 9 last Jan. past to serve Charles Nelmes and Alice his wife until 18. Grace Bridgeman, ditto, aged 11 in Oct. last past to serve Andrew Dew & Flora his wife until 18.