Compiled by Gertrude E. Gray; Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1987-1993; Library of Congress Call No. F232.N86 G73 1987

Pg. 112-113 C-217

Proprietors of the Northern Neck of Virginia to all present, William MacDade of the County of Lancaster did on 17 June 1730 set forth to our office that Dennis Eyes of the County of Northumberland died, seized of six hundred acres of land in the County of Northumberland without Heirs or making legal Disposition thereof in his life time, and petitioned for his part of the land. John Conway & Timothy Rayley both of the County of Northumberland have petitioned that they may each have a part of the land . John Conway stating that his father John Conway dec'd after the said Eyes and his Death, was in peaceable possession of the land and paid Quitrents for the same, and that part of the land is now in the possession of him the said John Conway, the son as Heir to his father; and Timothy Rayley stating that he had a right in equity of the land which Rayley's Father purchased of John Conway the Father. Our Agent and attorney, upon consideration of the circumstances, has divided Timothy Rayley to the land which he holds under his fathers purchase. William MacDade to fifty acres which is in right of his wife claims under her father Arthur Bridgeman who purchased the same of the said John Conway the Father. William Macdade also in Right of Mary Palfrey’s Dower, the widow of Dennis Eyes, from whom he had purchased .Conway to have what remains of the land. Given at our office in Lancaster County. Dated the eighteenth day of August in the fifth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the grace of the God of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, ye An. do. one thousand seven hundred and thirty one.


William MacDade 50 A. which he claims in Right of his wife Surv. by Col. William Ball. Escheat Grant to William MacDade 57 A. in Northumberland Co. adj. MacDade, Rayley, Arthur Bridgeman now MacDade, Denny's corner. 18 Aug. 1731


Escheat Grant to William MacDade the said Mary Plafery's Dower which contains 128 A. in Northumberland Do. adj. Timothy Rayley. 18 Aug. 1731