Tribune - Keyser, Mineral County, West Virginia

VOL. 41

Friday, September 29, 1911

Three Men Dead

For a drink of whiskey three men were killed on the 20 inst. at Dodson, this county. Two shot to death and the third, with his body slashed almot [sic] to ribbons, died a few minutes after he had fired the fatal shots.  Larry McDade, 38 years old, a miner, was sitting near the railroad tracks drinking from a bottle, when two Italians demanded a drink. McDade refused them. Drawing stilettos, the foreigners attaced [sic] McDade, who, after being slashed with the keen blades, finally managed to draw his revolver. He sent a bullet through the heart of one of the Italians, but then his weapon regfused [sic] to work, and the remaining Italian struck him in the throat with his stiletto. Using the body of the dead Italian as a shield, McDade continued the fight. Both men fell to the ground, and McDade's revolver, striking a stone, was again in working order. He fired at the Italian, who dropped dead. The wound in McDade's neck was fatal, and he fell to the ground, where some miners found him. He had not yet lost consciousness, and related the story of the fight, dying shortly afterward. -- Oakland Democrat.