In the Military

Indicates the individual gave their life in the service of their country


Josh McDade

British isles

  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, David 1822 - 1847, 10th Foot Regiment  
  McDade, James 1842 - 1847, 10th Foot Regiment  
  McDaid, Henry (Jr) WW I, British Indian Army Elizabeth Quail


Boer War (1899-1902)
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, Robert Henry 'Harry' Medic Robert Henry and  Selina (Pickering) McDade


War for Independence (1763-1784)

South Carolina  
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, James Arnold Militia, Col. Anderson, Elizabeth Wilkins
  McDade/McDavid, Patrick Lt. Providence Militia Rosanne ??
  McDade, Phillip Private, First Partizan Legion, Brig. Gen. Armand  
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, James Pvt 2nd VA Brigade and 8th VA Regiment; Served w Capt Wm Voss of 12th VA reg under Col Wood in Gen Scott's Brigade Rachel Tanner
  McDade, John   Susannah Memminger

war of 1812 (1812- 1814)

  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, Charles Battle of New Orleans James Arnold McDade
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  Hickman, John Lee   Sarah Elizabeth 'Betsy' McDade
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, John Thomas Captain Thomas Glasscock's Company, 3rd Regiment (Few's) Georgia Militia Charlotte Golightly 'Lotty' Vaughn
  McDade, William Captain James Hamilton's Company of Artillery, Georgia Militia Mary Germany

MEXICAN WAR ERA (1847-1848)

  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
Butler, Pierce Mason Lt. Col. South Carolina Volunteers Miranda Julia Duvall
  Jeffreys, Thomas J Major, NC Regiment Rosannah J McDade
  McDade, Charles Pvt, US Army  
  McDade, John Armstrong Pvt., Capt. Bogart's Company, Republic of Texas Margaret Cooper
  McDade, Phillip Lucy Jones Lucy Jones

War Between the States (1861-1865)

  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  Danielly, Francis McDade Sgt, 14th AL Vols, Co K, CSA Elizabeth Pearson
  Henderson, Franklin Binum Surgeon, CSA Elizabeth Rebecca 'Lizzie ' McDade
  Hill, Robert McCullock Surgeon, 2nd Alabama Cavelry, CSA Mary Abagail McDade
  McDade, Alexander 34th Inf Co. H Sgt, CSA Edith Hilton Baker
  McDade, Charles E 34th Inf Co. H Sgt, CSA Charles Cynthia (Willis) McDade
  McDade, George William 13th Bn .Part. Rangers Co. A, CSA Sarah Emily Blackwell
  McDade, George Wilkins Gen & Staff Surg., CSA, Kingston Hosp, Barnsville, GA Mary Elizabeth Micou
  McDade, Richard Montgomery 1st Inf Co. C, CSA Mary Jane Townsend
  McDade, Marens L 2nd Cav Co.K, CSA Mary I Franklin
  McDade, Marcus L 1st Conf Eng Troops Co. C,  Cpl, CSA Mary J (unknown)
  McDade, William J 35th Inf Co. B Sgt, CSA Martha M Townsend
  McDade, William  Wilkins 1st Cav 2nc Co. A,  CSA William  & Mary (Germany) McDade
  McDade, William Winfield 34th Inf Co. H,  CSA Charles & Adeline (Fields) McDade
  McDade, William 6th Cav Co. F, CSA  
  Parker, William Byrd 'Bob' Columbus Artillary, Young's Battery, CSA Martha Elizabeth McDade
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  Hickman, William Jasper Co "C" 19th Arkansas Regt/ 1st Lt , CSA John Lee & Sarah E  (McDade) Hickman
  McDade, Charles Alexander Inf Hardy's Regt Co. C, CSA Mary E Outlaw
  McDade, Charles Alexander   Mil. Desha Cty. Bn., CSA Mary E Outlaw
  McDade, James M Pvt, 15th Inf Co I  /  9th Inf Co E / 20th Ing Co.H, CSA Arminta E Griffith
  McDade, John Sgt, 15th  Inf Co.I, CSA Nancy Hickman
Georgia (On-Line Index)  
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
McDade, Benjamin Franklin 21st Inf. Co. C (Died Saunder's Factory) CSA Rebecca Norton
  McDade, David Windsor Inf (GA RR Guards) Porter's Co CSA Mary Oregon Maffett
  McDade, David 1st (Olmstead's) Inf Gordon's Co CSA William & Elinor McDade
  McDade, David 63rd Inf Co. F CSA William & Elinor McDade
  McDade, David Windsor Pvt, Porter's Company, GA Inf. (GA RR Guards) CSA Benjamin Franklin McDade (above)
  McDade, Edward E Inf 1st Conf. Bn. Co. C CSA Frances 'Fannie' Barnes
  McDade, Edward E 66th Inf. Co. I CSA CSA Frances 'Fannie' Barnes
  McDade, J 3rd Inf CSA  
  McDade, J C 48th Inf Co.A CSA  
  McDade, John C 3rd Inf Co.G CSA  
  McDade, J H 66th Inf Co. I 2nd Lt CSA  
  McDade, J M Lt Arty. 12th BN 2nd Co.D CSA  
  McDade, R F 66th Inf Co. I CSA  
  McDade, Robert Inf Hull's Co CSA  
  McDade, Robert Matthew Pvt, 1st Batt'n, GA Cav CSA Benjamin Franklin McDade (above)
  McDade, Robert F Cobb's Legion Co.A CSA John & Elizabeth (McTyre) McDade
McDade, William Hep 3rd Infantry Regiment, Co G CSA Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA
  McDade, Windsor Camp Pvt, 1st Batt'n, GA Cav.  CSA Lucy Jane McWaters
  McDade, William T 12th Infantry Regiment. Co G CSA  
McDade, Phillip 59th Ind Inf, Capt (Union) (picture) Lucy Jones
  McDade, James 38th IA Inf (Union) Malissa Needles
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  Abney, Asbury Arnold Lt., 13th Louisiana Battalion CSA Catherine A McDade
  Abney, W M 8th Cav Co CSA Asbury A & Catherine (McDade)Abney
  Alford, John Francis    Lt., Btn L, 2nd Cav, CSA Anna Belle McDade
  McDade, BT       8th Cav Co. H CSA  
  McDade, Edward James  9th Inf Co. B Cpl CSA Mary P Watts
  McDade, J T   28th (Gray's) Inf Co. B CSA  
  McDade, Neal Franklin 28th (Gray's) Inf Co. B CSA Martha Ann 'Mattie' Hickman
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, Phillip 3rd Infantry Regiment (Union), Co C  
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, Michael  Co.A Hickory County Battalion, 2nd Lt. (Union) Winnifred Bybee
  McDade, Dudley W 8th Cav Co. I CSA / 7th Cav. Haislip's Co. CSA Dorcas 'Amanda' Conner
  McDade, Nathan Gilbert 1st Div, MO State Guard Inf, Co D Sarah Ann 'Sally' Roberts
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, Alexander H 13th Inf Co. C CSA  
  McDade, Berry 41st Inf Co. D, Cpl CSA Amanda Malvina Golden
  McDade, Charles Alexander 25th Inf Co. B CSA Virginia Eliza Edwards
McDade, George B Lt Arty. (The Hudson Btty) Hoole's Co., Cpl CSA Point Lookout Prison Camp
  McDade, J A 31st Inf Co. D CSA  
  McDade, J M 35th Inf Co. B CSA  
  McDade, John A 35th Inf Co. B CSA Averilla 'Avy' Townsend
  McDade, John C 35th Inf Co. B CSA  
  McDade, John C 42nd Inf Co.B CSA Lucy S ??
  McDade, John C 46th Inf Co. B CSA Lucy S ??
  McDade, John J 13th Inf Co. C, Capt CSA  
  McDade, M C 41st Inf Co. D, Cpl CSA  
  McDade, Thomas E 31st Inf Co. B CSA Sarah Jane 'Sallie' Paxton
  McDade, W C 16th Inf Co. C, Sgt CSA  
  McDade, W S 16th Inf Co. C, Sgt CSA  
  McDade, Wesley T Graves' Co,Copiah Horse Guards & 16th Inf Co. C, Sgt Laura A Miller
  McDade, William J, Jr 35th Inf Co. B CSA Laura C ??
  McDade, William J, Sr 35th Inf Co. B CSA Martha M Townsend
  McDade, William Thomas Inf 1st St Troops Co.E CSA  
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, Alexander Lt., Union Army Westfield Cemetery, Westfield, NY
North Carolina    
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  Freeland, Thomas J Co K 19th Cav Regt NC Vols, CSA Josephine H McDade
  McDade, Alphonso Jarrus 31st Inf Co. E & 1st Inf (6mo. '61) Co. D CSA Anne Jefferson Hudson

McDade, Calvin Co A., 47th Inf Reg. died Point Lookout, MD CSA  
  McDade, Franklin G 50th Inf. Co. K, Sgt CSA  
  McDade, Henry Lee 11th (Bethel Regt) Inf Co. G, Sgt CSA Mary Mitchel Compton
  McDade, J Allen's Co. (Loc Def) CSA  
  McDade, John H 1st Inf (6mo. '61) Co. D CSA  
  McDade, John H 11th (Bethel Regt) Inf Co .G, 1st Lt  
  McDade, John Spartan 50th Inf. Co. K, Sgt Jane Greenway
  McDade, John Thomas Confederate Pension Mary Frances Smith
  McDade, Joseph A 1st Inf (6mo. '61) Co. D, Cpl  
  McDade, Josiah A 31st Inf Co. E Martha F Maris
  McDade, Judson Clayton 1st Inf (6mo. '61) Co. D Henry Ellen 'Ella Henretta' Hinsley
  McDade, Samuel Fletcher 31st Inf Co.E Mary F Allison
  McDade, Wayne H 1st Inf (6mo. '61) Co. D Patterson H McDade
  McDade, William Patterson 31st Inf Co. E Elizabeth Mehala 'Lizzie' Marshall
  McDade, William Woods 31st Inf Co. I Sarah Frances Murphey
  Pope, John S Co. E 31 N.C. Inf. CSA Mary Jane McDade
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, Ambrose Smedley Sgt, Co A, 197th Pa. Vols Matilda C 'Tillie' Litzenberg
  McDade, Charles Pvt., Co E, 43rd PA, Inf  
  McDade, D Thomas Pvt., Co F, 28th PA Inf  
  McDade, Daniel Pvt, Co D, 51st PA (Union)  
  McDade, David Pvt, 11th PA, Co B  
  McDade, James Sgt, Co D, 16th Penna. Militia (Union) Matilda Burns
  McDade, Jeremiah    
  McDade, John Pension No. 167,815 (Union)  
  McDade, Patrick Pvt, Co C, 51st PA (Union)  
  McDade, Robert (Sr) Pvt, Battery F, Pennsylvania Light Artillery (Union) Mary Parker
  McDade, Robert (Jr)   Robert & Mary (Parker) McDade
McDade, Robert James Pvt., Died in Naval Battle Robert & Mary (Parker) McDade
  McDade, William Co.C 3rd Regt. Pa. Vol, Civil War  
South Carolina    
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, Meminger D 1st (Orr's) Rifles Co. L Neal & Margaret (Moor) McDade
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, William Bennett 21st (Wilson's) Cav Co. G Susan J Davidson
  McDade, William Bennett Cav Newsom's Regt Co. B Susan J Davidson
  McDadede, Dudley 21st (Wilson's) Cav Co. G Dorcas 'Amanda' Conner
  McDade, George Washington 22nd (Barteau's)Cav. 1st Co.H, Sgt Matilda V 'Tilda' Fox
  McDade, John Edward 21st(Wilson's)Cav Co. K/ 46th Inf Co. H Sallie A Whiteside
  McDade, Jackson 26th Inf Co.F, Sgt Hugh C McDade
  McDade, James K 26th Inf Co. F  
  McDade, Jesse 63rd Inf Co. B  
  McDade, John L 63rd Inf Co. B  
  McDade, Nathan Gilbert Civil War Pension W10369, Weakly Co, TN Sarah Ann 'Sally' Roberts
Texas  (on-line index)  
  NAME Service Spouse/Parent(s)
  Frith, Napoleon Bonaparte Sgt. Maj., CSA 10 TX Field Batt Joseph H & Nancy (McDade0 Frith
  Manning, John Bolling Cav Waller's Regt. Co. C Helen Unity McDade
  Manning, William Germany Cav Waller's Regt. Co. C John & Mary 'Polly' (McDade) Manning
  McDade, C N Frontier Battalion  
  McDade, Edward E Confederate Pension Application No. 29066 Frances 'Fannie' Barnes
  McDade, James Alexander 5th Inf Co. D James Wilkins McDade
  McDade, John Alexander Cav Waller's Regt, Green Brigade Mary Alice Wheeler
  McDade, J C Cav Waller's Regt Col.C, Ord Sgt  
  McDade, Jacob Cobb "Keet" "3rd (Kirby's) BN Vol, Co. A", Sgt Ann Cochrane
  McDade, J F 31st Cav Co. I  
  McDade, J F Cav Ragsdale's Co  
  McDade, James Germany 9th Cav Co. B Nancy T Miller
  McDade, J H 9th Cav Co. B  
  McDade, James Wilkins 3rd (Kirby's) BN Vol, Co. A , Capt Caroline Tennessee F Cooper
  McDade, John Robert Cav Waller's Regt. Co. C Sarah Alice Curtis
  McDade, Joseph Lafayette Confederate Penison 41242 Jane Elizabeth 'Jennie' Jenning
  McDade, Robert Rivers Cav Waller's Regt, Green Brigade Idalia M Wright
  McDade, Thomas Sewell Cav Waller's Regt Col. C, 1st Lt Margaret J 'Maggie' Bouldin
  McDade, William A ‘Billie’ Cav Waller's Regt Col. C, Capt Julia H Penderson
  McDade, William Inf 1st Conf. Bn. Co. A  
  McDade, William 3rd (Kirby's) BN Vol, Co. A  
  McDade, William Inf Rutherford's Co  
West Virginia    
  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  DeWeese, Benjamin Casto Co K, 11th WV Inf Marietta McDade
McDade, Alexander W   Jesse Issac 'Ike' McDade
McDade, Edward 8th Reg Inf Vols Co E (Union) Jesse Issac 'Ike' McDade
  McDade, Jackson M   Jesse Issac 'Ike' McDade
  McDaid, Michael S Pvt, Co.L, 2nd WV Cav Janette ??


  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, John Walter United States Volunteers Edna Gray
  McDade, Ira W Private, 1st Reg. Judson Clayton McDade

WW I ERA (1914-1919)

  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  Alford, Willie Neal Corp John Francis & Anna (McDade) Alford
  Keith, Robert Keet F2, U.S. Navy Walter & Margaret (McDade) Keith
  McDade, Charles Andrew U.S. Army Artie George Grove McDade
  McDade, Daniel A U.S. Army  
  McDade, Eber R 'Ray' U.S. Army William & Minnie (??) McDade

McDade, Ellis Pvt., US Army Wiley V McDade
  McDade, Frank S U.S. Army John P McDade
  McDade, George D Sgt, Cavalry, US Army  
  McDade, Hector C 'Heck' Pvt., US Army William J McDade, Jr
  McDade, Hollis Duke 'Hollie' Pvt., US Army William J McDade, Jr

McDade, James   unknown
  McDade, James Madison US Navy -- USS Missouri Irene Clark
  McDade, John Henry US Army Hettie Lou Sampson

McDade, John Wesley   Isaac McDade
  McDade, Paul Lawrence  Pvt, 5 Co, 312 Supply Train William Turner McDade
  McDade, Roy E U.S. Army William & Minnie (??) McDade
  McDade, Vernon U.S. Army George Washington McDade

WW II Era (1939-1945)

  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  Liner, Cornelius Ewell Major, US Army Ewell C & Elma (McDade) Liner
  McDade, Aloysius M 440th Troop Carrier Group, U.S. Army Air Corps  

McDade, Edell Steward's Mate First Class, USN (MIA -  Philippines)  
  McDade, Hubert Stanley US Coast Guard  Maudie Ellen Kizer
  McDade, James D Capt., US Air Force, Chicksands RAF Station, Eng Theresa Brungardt
  McDade, James E Tec 4 2833 Eng. Combat Btn WWII  
  McDade, John Edgar Pfc, US Marines John Hugh McDade
  McDade, John H US Coast Guard Martha Elizabeth Anderson

McDade, James Madison   Irene Clark
  McDade, James Madison U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Geraldine 'Gerry' ??
  McDade, James W T Sgt, US Army Wright Crawford & Georgia (Harrison) McDade
  McDade, Louis Douglas Capt. US Army Doris Lucille Hutcherson
  McDade, Nolan Henderson Capt., US Navy  1958 Squadron Commander, Naval Air Station Bermuda  [newspaper article] Margaret Agnes Clark
  McDade, Richard Raymond Lt. Col., US Army Anne Holcomb
  McDade, Tulas Harper U.S. Army, 461st Anti-aircraft Artillery Weapons Battalion  
  McDade, Wilkins H & S Co 649 Engr BN, Tech 4 Wilkins McDade, Sr
  McDade, William M Lt. Comdr, US Navy Ellen Kenney
  McDade, William Edward (Jr) Fighting Seabees William Edward McDade
  McDade, William Lee US Coast Guard John Hugh McDade
  Powell, Donald Douglas Army Air Force Sarra Frances McDade

Korean War Era (1950 - 1953)


Vietnam Era (1961-1970)

  NAME Service Spouse/Parents
  McDade, Robert Lt. Col., U.S. Army  [photograph]  
  McDade, Ronald George Sp 4, US Army Darla Gaile Wagers
  McDade, Terry D U.S. Marine Corps  
  Newell, David Luther SP4, US Army John Tip Newell, Jr
  Rainey, James Walton Capt. U.S. Army   Margaret Ann Katherine McDade