Genealogy Research & Tools

Basic Tools

  Birth Date Calculator
  Cousins Chart
  City/County Look-Up
  USGS National Mapping Information
  The Surname Research Page
  All Surnames Genealogy
  The Internet Public Library - Newspapers

Internet Search Tool

  Copernic Agent        Works just like an internet search engine, but so much better.  The previews are more detailed.  You can delete the items you have already checked.  Most importantly, the search is saved so that you can stop and go back to it later.  The free copy works great and is safe, I've used this software since it first came out.  Only drawback with the free copy is the advertising, however, there is not a huge quantity of it.

General Genealogy Research Links

  Search Systems        This is a recent find and has produced a great deal of information.  More and more states and counties are putting their public records (birth, death, marriage, court, property, etc.) records on line.  Some states have even developed historic databases just for genealogy research. This huge collection of links takes you right to those database links.  While not all the links provide free searches, most of those needed for genealogy are free.

  FamilySearch -The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


  USGenWeb State Pages


Specialized Genealogy Research Links

  Find A Grave
  DAR Patriot Index
  State/County Maps
  Ghost Counties
  A Journey Past  


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