The British Isles

      The British Isles and all that ...

Clan Chattan History & Information

      Clan Chattan Web Ring               
      Clan Davidson              
      Celtic Studio
      Clan Gunn & Related Septs

Clan Davidson History & Information

     Electric Scotland
     Rampant Scotland

Celtic Surname Origins

     Rootsweb Irish Ancestors
    Surnames and Ancestry in Scotland
    Surnames and Ancestry in Ireland
     Guide to Irish Genealogical Research
    Scottish Connections in Kansas & Around the World

Irish & Scottish Genealogy

      Scotland Gen Web 
      Ireland Gen Web 
      Australia Gen Web  

Irish & Scottish McDade Genealogy 

      Church Hill Civil Registrations 
      Donegal Genealogy Resources 

Clan Tartans

      The Scottish Tartans Society

History of Scotland & Ireland

     Ancient Scotland
      A Timeline of Irish History  
      The Mark of The Scots I
      The Mark of The Scots II
      The Language of the Irish
      The Culture and History of  Ireland
      The Scottish History Pages
      Who Were the Celts
      Scottish History Online
      Scottish History Brief  
      Scotweb's History Magazine  
      Celtic Fire

Celtic Art, Music & Poetry

      Highland Warriors: Kingdom of Gael
      Irish & Celtic Music
      Scottish Music
      The Jordan-O'Connell Memorial Celtic Music Archive
      The McDades

The Scotch-Irish in the United States

      Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia  
      The Celtic Connection - the Irish in Texas
      Migration Patterns of Our Scottish Ancestors  


      An Emigrant's Daughter  
      Real Men Wear Kilts

McDade & Allied Families Genealogy/Home Pages

        McDade Genealogy
        Genealogy Our Labor of Love
        A Family Tree in Search of More Branches  
        Wallace, Cammace, Griffin & McDade Genealogy
        Dotson, Renick, & Many Other Early American Ancestors 
        Needels Family Genealogy Genealogical Database 
        Descendants of John Pendergrass 
        Texas Branches with Southern Roots
        Family Tree of Julie L Cagle
        Glenn Temple Carroll Caldwell
        Bryant/Matthews/Welch/Hoggard/McBee Family Information Center
        Ancestors of Brian & Melissa Bivona
        The Steen Place
        The Sandford Families Research Site
        McCulloch, Klose and Related Families
        Garvis and Related Families
        The Gathering of the Allison Clan

McDade Geography

        Places Named McDade
        Texas Towns
        Welcome to McDade Texas
        Ghost Counties
        The River Port of Warren, Texas
        Hempstead, Texas
        The Pflugerville Colored Addition
        The Bell Brothers Come to Texas
        History of McDade House  

McDade Family History/Memories/Trivia

        Montgomery County, Alabama Pioneers 
        Florala, Alabama
        Kemper County, Mississippi
        Pine Island Romance In The 1920's
        Record of Nellie Gass Nunn
        McDade's Department Store
        DeKalb Georgia History Center
        Creek Indian War of Lawrenceville, Georgia
        Aphelandra Leonardo McDade
        Forgotten Towns Along the Brazos River
        Hannibal Honestus Boone (1834-1897)
        Washington County Rail Road Company
        Joseph McDade, US Congress
        The McDade Tiger Award
        Private Robert James McDade
        Robert McDade
        Biography: William Elisha McDade


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