Transcribed by Joan Clemons

Montgomery Advertiser, August 16, 1940, p. 3
" Our respect for the cold had not been exaggerated . . . ever.  It seemed a
part of Mr. Mac's equipment, something almost as indispensable as his pump gun
that the weather should be paralyzing.
Mr. Mac wearing his one leather jacket and a shell vest , never felt the cold. 
He could stand for hours in Winter rain and never feel it.  He could stand rain
like a boulder."

Rankin also wrote, "we know Oscar McDade is the dean of and master of shooting
strategy.  Wherever Alabama sportsmen meet, reaching back for their ______ and
anecdotes, he is likely to dominate the conversation as though he were
present."  Rankin also wrote, "If there is a creek, pond, puddle or hog wallow
in all South Alabama that Oscar McDade does not know intimately, we aren't
going out looking for it now.  His six foot of brawn and muscle, rearing a 12
gauge pump gun has stood on every dove field worth shooting over.  His seven-
____ hip boots moving in lengthy and tireless cadence, have traversed every
palmettoed snipe marsh."