Published in the Austin American-Statesman on 9/21/2004.

Frank V. "Colin" McDade

Family-Placed Obituary

In Loving Memory of Sept. 21, 1960 - August 18, 2004 Frank V. ``Colin' McDade left this earth suddenly and enexpectedly on Wednesday, August 18, 2004. Colin was born September 21, 1960. He is survived by his two daughters, Larissa and Layla; his granddaughter, Ashley; his mother, Joanne; his two sisters, Mona and Susan; his fiancée Colleen; and many loving friends. For those of you who did not know Frank, he was a charming, handsome, vivacious man. He was clever, witty and loved to make people laugh. Frank was humble, generous and always had a kind word for everyone. He was a wonderful playmate, friend and companion. Frank's hobbies were as diverse and interesting as he was, from traveling in Mexico, hiking in Big Bend and mountain biking with the Mojo's to beer making, medeival costume design, armor building and astrophysics. He was a musician; he played the bass, the Indian Dholak, the Scottish flute and the trumpet, as a child. His favorite band is Rush. Professionally, Frank was an outstanding computer engineer and physicist. To his peers he was a master of the difficult art of failure analysis and a master of logical argument. He loved our country and our freedom, he spent many months on patrol as a young man in the Navy, a submarine in the ``Silent Service' to America. He was also a card-carrying member of the ACLU. Frank is loved and missed by so many people. Frank lit up every room he entered and left lasting impressions on those he encountered. A little bit of him will forever be in the hearts of those who loved him. Happy Birthday My Love