Goodwyn Golthwaite Reeves

Goodwyn G. Reeves born in Montgomery, AL 11/12/09 and died in Memphis, TN 7/13/86.  He decided to leave high school in 1928 and join the military.  The Army recruiting Sargent told him he was too smart to do well in the Army and that he should try the Navy recruiter down the street.  So he did.  He became an
aircraft mechanic serving on carriers and bases in the prewar Navy, married, and rose to Chief. In WW2 he served on Eniwetok and Kwajalein.  On one occasion a shot up Marine pilot crashed into a group of loaded parked aircraft.  While moving planes to save them from the ensuing fire and exploding bombs he got a
piece of shrapnel through his shoulder.

After the War he was promoted to LtJG and served as a Navy contract inspection officer at Wright Patterson AFB.  The next assignment, which he considered the
best of his career, was to VP-28 in Hawaii.  Pappy Reeves, he was 40 and the old man of the outfit.  He noticed that by coordinating flying and maintenance
schedules the number of planes unflyable because they were waiting maintenance could be greatly reduced.  In fact the squadron managed to raise its average
availability to over 85% and a disbelieving Admiral began to call flyaways to verify it.

He retired as a Commander in 1958, went to college, and taught high school science until a second retirement.

Survived by wife Alice (married 50 years), son George, daughter Mamie, 7 grandchildren, and 16 great grandchildren.

Book  Title: U.S. Navy Patrol Squadron Twenty-Eight
(VP-28), Turner Publishing Company, Paducah, Kentucky
2002  page 127