Contributed by Carol Felt

McDade-William T. McDade was born near Athens, Alabama, February 22, 1822.  He died June 12, 1890 at his home near Avlona, Putnam county, Ga.

He attended school in Athens until he was sixteen years of age.  September 27, 1846, he was happily married to Miss Henrietta Walker of Monroe county, Georgia.  Nine children were born to them; seven are left to mourn with their good mother the loss of their father.  Brother McDade joined the M.E. Church South, in the winter of 1858, while Rev. C.W. Key was pastor at Eatonton.  From 1866 to 1878 he was not connected with the church.  In the year 1877 a little religious book, "Holidays at Roselands" fell into his hands.  He read it.  His heart was deeply touched.  The effect was omstamtameous and wonderful.  In a day he quit selling liquor--poured it out in the street--and washed his hands of the business forever.  He sought those with whom he had had difficulties in the past and offered humble apologies.  In 1878, during the pastorate of Rev. W.A. Dodge in Eatonton, he rejoined the church.  From that bright day he never looked back, but continued to grow in grace and usefulness to the day of his death.  About two years ago his health suddenly failed.  Believing his time was short, he began "setting his house in order."  When the summons came he was ready to render an "account of his stewardship with joy."  As the time of departure drew nigh, in whispers of peace, and aloud in joy, he would say "glory, glory, glory"  Without a struggle, he quietly "fell on sleep."