Chappell Hill, Washington County, Texas


From Hwy 290 in Chappell Hill, Texas take FM 1155 five tenths of a mile to FM 2447 at the stop sign; turn left on FM 2447; dive two and a half tenths mile; there is a sign "Historical Masonic Cemetery." Turn right and drive seven tenths of a mile to the cemetery. The road leads directly into the cemetery.

Photographs contributed by Shirley Weidler


Sarah Alice (Curtis) McDade

b. Jan 2, 1854 d. Feb 5, 1946 in Texas

John Robert McDade

b. May 29, 1842 d. Aug 30, 1912 in Texas

Son of Charless Frizzell McDade and Nancy Ann C. McCulloch McDade



Elizabeth (Unknown) Norfolk

b. 1777 in Maryland

d. Dec 24, 1855 in Chappell Hill, Texas

Mother of Elizabeth Norfolk Cocke


Joe Tom Foster

b. 1888 in Texas d. 1910 in Texas

Son of Scurry Foster and Nannie S. McDade Foster

Josiah 'Joseph' Foster

 b. 1858 in Texas d. 1884 in Texas

Son of Josiah Thomas Foster and Margaret Virginia (Cocke)Foster



Margaret Virginia (Cocke) Foster

b. Jan 26, 1837 in Mobile, Alabama d. Sept 28, 1908 in Chappell Hill, Texas

Daughter of James Hartwell Cocke and Elizabeth Norfolk Cocke

Wife of Josiah Thomas Foster

James "Jim" H. Foster

 b. Mar 23, 1856 in Texas d. Oct 9, 1897
Son of Josiah Thomas Foster and Margaret Virginia Cocke Foster


Scurry Foster

b. July 27, 1852(53) in Texas d. July 19, 1914 in Chappell Hill, Texas

Son of Josiah Thomas and Margaret Virginia (Cocke) Foster

Nannie S. (McDade) Foster

b. August 8, 1855 in Washington County, Texas d. July 6, 1891 in Buckhorn, Austin County, Texas

Daughter of Charles Frizzell and Nancy Ann C (McCulloch) McDade


Owen Norfolk Cocke

b. January 6, 1871 d. May 8, 1901 in Texas

Son of James Norfolk and Mattie J. (McDade) Cocke


Mattie J. (McDade) Cocke

 b. September 29, 1848 in Mississipi d. January 19, 1936 in Chappell Hill, Texas

 Daughter of Charles Frizzell and Nancy Ann C. (McCulloch) McDade

Wife of James Norfolk Cocke


James Norfolk Cocke

 b. October 2, 1840 in Galveston, Texas d. June 15, 1876 in Chappell Hill, Texas

Son of James Hartwell  and Elizabeth (Norfolk) Cocke

Husband to Mattie J. McDade Cocke

Elizabeth J (Norfolk) Cocke McRee

b. 1809 in Maryland d. Jul 20, 1882 in Washington County, TX

Wife of Major James Hartwell Cocke

Wife of Mc Ree

Major James Hartwell Cocke

 b. 1797 in Virginia d. Sept. 14, 1853 in Chappell Hill, TX,

 Husband of Elizabeth Norfolk Cocke

May be the son of John Hartwell and Anne Blaws (Barraud) Cocke


Nancy A. C. McCulloch McDade

b. March 23, 1817 D. June 29, 1886 in Chappell, Texas

Daughter of William and Margery (Lee) McCulloch

Wife of Charles Frizzell McDade


Thomas Lee McDade

b. December 25, 1844 at Kemper Co, Mississippi, d. June 16, 1886 at Washington Co, Texas

Son of Charles Frizzle and Nancy Ann (McCulloch) McDade